Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Ramon Ballard would tell you he was invisible throughout his school days. Describing himself as a shy child, Ramon made a habit of conjuring stories and holding conversations with imaginary persons who were easier to talk to than their real counterparts. His Peter Pan soul refused to grow up -- or old. Life changed forever when his wife told him in no uncertain terms to "shut up and write." Nowadays, home is a place called Springfield, Missouri and those conversations with imaginary persons have turned into remarkable fantasy works for independent readers. 


AKALM is proud to represent Ramon Ballard's works which feature elements of the fantastic and historical.



A former merchandise manager for the Smithsonian Institution, Kathy Borrus is the author of Five Hundred Buildings of Paris, and a contributing essayist in Fits, Starts, & Matters of the Heart. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and other publications. With a passion for culture and the arts, and hoping to instill a love of literature, Kathy tutors kids in reading when she's not writing, traveling, playing tennis, or back in Paris at least one month per year. 


AKALM is proud to represent the non-fiction works of Kathy Borrus, including her nonfiction animal stories for children, her intriguing work about the role of the courtesan through the ages, and her new look at Paris told through the eyes of an almost-ex-pat.





Mike writes the books that bring a smile to his nine-year-old self. He is the author of My Little Sister’s a Zombie (Living Dead Press (Living Dead Press, 2013) and My Little Sister’s a Zombie Cheerleader (Living Dead Press, 2015). His newest work tells about a little boy who develops telekinetic powers after having brain surgery. Based on fact, Mike's sons Joe and Henry served as inspiration. They will tell you more if you're interested. Mike and his family live in New Jersey.


AKALM is proud to represent Mike Catalano and his fun, meaningful stories for children of all ages.





As a child, Silas Champion wanted to be a writer. But like many of us, he talked himself out of such silliness because it would be "too hard" to make it. About ten years ago, Silas decided to try again. He wrote a terrible novel and worked on other things until 2011 when he decided to get serious. He's been more than serious ever since and jokes that he wonders why he ever tried doing anything else. Nothing silly about that! Now, Silas lives in South Carolina where he writes books about people on road trips. When not writing, he's planning his next road trip and watching way too much hockey. 


AKALM is proud to represent Silas Champion and his YA road trip story of a lifetime. 




Kenley Conrad



A twenty-something cat lady who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, you'll find Kenley at her office day job or writing books. If she's not there, you can find her either singing and dancing or binge-watching TV shows on Netflix.


AKALM is proud to represent Kenley's YA which has been called "romantic fun" and "humorous, with a touch of thought thrown in." We agree!




All it takes is sheer determination, just ask Luis. As publisher of Cruzin' Comics, Cruz has successfully introduced the world to Jennifer, the She-Wolf (no relation to his agent), and he has plans to launch a second series very soon. Luis writes comic books, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Erotica.


AKALM is proud to represent the Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror written by Luis M. Cruz.




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