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C.J. Dunham


Author C.J. Dunham will tell you she may have plagiarized her first story. The fact that she was seven years old should balance the scales a little in her favor. The family's Smith Corona never knew what hit it. From the day she stole the typewriter (yes, yet another theft) from its dark corner and set it on her writer’s desk, it became C.J.'s literary accomplice. The story goes that the machine was blue, electric, and state-of-the-art. Make no mistake, though she adores her laptop (her husband considers it a love affair), there was a cadence, a melody when those keys of the old machine struck. As the clicking and rattling gathered momentum with her thoughts, it became the sound of her adrenaline and part of the reason her work has been considered nothing short of lyrical by those in the know.


AKALM is proud to represent C.J. Dunham's works of inspirational, young adult and women's fiction. Her words are music to our ears.


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Release Date: May 1, 2017

(Barbour Books)


Declaring one’s love can be hard—even risky—especially when faced with some of life’s greatest challenges. Separated by class, time, distance, and more, some loves must remain secret until the time is right. Instead, notes of affection, acts of kindness, gifts of admiration, and lots of prayer are circulated. From New England mansions to homestead hovels, love is quietly being nourished and waiting for the right time to be revealed. But when love can finally be boldly expressed, will it be received by love in return?


The Last Letter by CJ Dunham - Kansas, 1865
The Civil War has taken everyone Emilia Davis loves. When she receives her dead fiancé’s last letter, she embarks on a journey into the Kansas frontier to fulfill his last wish. So who is sending her anonymous gifts?


TammyJo Eckhart


This author pulls no punches as she submerges readers in epic worlds which span genres and expand the mind.The author of twelve books, Eckhart is a frequent guest and speaker at comic, horror, fantasy and feminist writer and reader conventions. A founding member of The Chocolate Cult, TammyJo seeks to help the world choose the best chocolate. She chronicles her discoveries on the popular blog of the same name. Co-author of Butt-Kicking Women Write About It, Eckhart and her cohorts write about everything that catches their attention and urges their written commentary. Eckhart lives with her nontraditional family in the Midwest. 


AKALM is proud to represent TammyJo Eckhart's thought-provoking works of fiction, which have given us - and will give the reading public - an opportunity to examine humanity through well-written words.  

Gilda Evans


Writing and speaking have always been natural forms of expression for Gilda Evans. The winner of her first poetry contest at the tender age of 9, and her first essay contest at 10, Gilda would later experience a career highlighted by her work in lighting design, television writing, production, and direction in collaboration with such venues as CBS, HBO, and Warner Brothers.


As the author of books that facilitate communication and understanding and fiction that stirs the imagination, Gilda is lauded as a speaker that galvanizes, energizes and inspires. Her non-fiction series, S'LIFE, promises to be a groundbreaking franchise which will focus on real teen issues because, she says, "Teens are so real." 


AKALM is proud to represent Gilda Evans' nonfiction endeavors which promise to shape generations.

Natalie Fowler


Since she was a little girl, Natalie Fowler has been fascinated by ghost stories, but always wanted to find out more about the ghosts. Once a practicing attorney, now Natalie does freelance editorial work and writes stories. She is a staff editor for FATE Magazine and Galde Press. Natalie is a self-proclaimed research geek and could easily spend hours in the library with dusty old books. A paranormal investigator for Ghost Stories Ink, a group of authors and illustrators who go on ghost hunts for creative inspiration, Natalie is happy to fulfill any of the team’s research needs. Natalie was a co-editor for the group’s first anthology, NIGHT VISIONS, a collection of short stories inspired by their paranormal investigations. Her book, MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST, was released by Adventure Publications in September 2016.


AKALM is proud to represent Natalie Fowler's paranormal mystery series and her Young Adult work which features elements of magical realism.


George Frawley


Born in New York, George lived throughout the country before eventually opening a Colorado bed and breakfast, 7,600 feet up the Great Divide. While interfacing with companies throughout the world, Frawley has circled the globe and crossed the country countless times. We're certain his travels and adventures are responsible for the breath of realism and authentic, page-turning excitement woven into each of Frawley's stories.


Perhaps best known for his historical, supernatural thriller, FACELESS FURY, Frawley still smiles at the thought of how his work found its way to the bestseller list in Colorado, an event which prompted Borders to stock the work on a national level. No stranger to adversity, Frawley laughs at the thought of near-stardom, which died when the bookstore went belly-up several weeks later.


AKALM is proud to represent several of George Frawley's mystery, thriller, and historical works. We're confident his words will hit the bestseller list again.


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