Michele Galbraith


Not your typical avid-reader-turned writer, Michele believed she probably couldn't - or shouldn't - write. All that changed when she started writing down her ideas and as she says, "One page turned into a book." Fortunately for the rest of the world, Michele has always had ideas running through her mind, and those thoughts have become exceptional works.


This author enjoys vegetable and flower gardening, trips through the Black Hills of South Dakota with her family, and walks on the beach in Oregon where she and her daughter have found sand dollars. An avid crafter, Michele cuts wood, sews and loves to create crafty things. She counts rainy days and chocolate, fishing with her husband, and going out for dinner as a few of her favorite activities.


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K.D. Garcia


As a child, Garcia considered both Albuquerque and Southern California home. Later, she moved to Fort Collins, Colorado for graduate and veterinary school and swore she would never be one of 'those' veterinarians with a house overrun by animals. Now she admits that she lives in constant chaos with three kids and three dogs. 


Garcia's husband maintains dual citizenship in Mexico, and the U.S. He holds an M.D. and Ph.D. and is a professor at a medical school in Chicago. She has close ties with the family's relatives in Mexico and visits there every year, sometimes twice.  A veterinarian who works in research at a medical school, Garcia is most deeply involved in 'Oncopigs' which are pigs that express genes associated with cancer in people. She also researches Muscular Dystrophy in mice and manages a large colony of Zebrafish.


AKALM is proud to represent K.D. Garcia's Young Adult work.


Geralyn Gendreau


Simply put, GG's greatest passions are spreading the word on the naturally good-humored childrearing practices of indigenous people, and guiding those who did not have a fully enriched infancy and childhood to recognize and accept the impact of “missing experiences” and step forward with courage to live an authentic, self-actualized life.


She is the author of Healing the Heart of the World (Elite Books, 2009) and The Marriage of Sex and Spirit (Elite Books, 2010). 


AKALM is proud to represent Geralyn Gendreau's nonfiction works.


K.D. Huxman


After reading, author K.D. Huxman's first love was space. She wanted to be the first veterinarian astronaut. In college, she studied biology and was in Air Force ROTC. After college, she became an Air Force officer. But rocketing to the stars was not to be. Instead, Huxman married a fellow Air Force officer, traveled around the country, and settled into raising a family. She would later earn an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Norwich University. But K.D. never forgot her love of books or science, and many of her books have a science fiction or fantasy element. 


Huxman's Grizzelda Gorilla won an EPPIE for Best Children’s/YA Ebook. She also writes nonfiction for children at Apprentice Shop Books. K.D. and her husband settled in Colorado. On a clear night, she enjoys looking up at the stars, dreaming, and writing.


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Lynde Iozzo


Although her first-grade teacher was certain she'd never learn to read, spell, or write, Iozzo surpassed expectation and now enjoys her role as an English teacher in a reputedly haunted town of 600 people in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Living in such a place has seasoned Iozzo's writing with a humorous, yet dark sensibility. Currently working on her MFA in commercial/genre fiction at Western State Colorado University, Iozzo enjoys all the flavors of reading - and writing - available.


AKALM is proud to represent Iozzo's YA, horror and urban fantasy titles.


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