Ted White 


Born in 1926 in a small town in Texas, White enlisted in the marine corps at the age of 17 and joined the fourth marine division after finishing boot camp in San Diego. His first campaign took him to the Marshall Islands, and after that, he returned to Maui on the Hawaiian islands. After several months of rough training, the division shipped to Iwo Jima. After six years in the marine corps, he resigned his commission as a 2nd lieutenant.

He was awarded a scholarship at the University of Oklahoma to play football and also boxed in Golden Gloves and AAU. After four years of college, he got married and moved to California where he began his career as a stuntman and actor. 


AKALM is proud to represent the autobiography of Ted White, remembered by some as the man who changed the way Hollywood managed stunts. To others, he's best known as the man behind the hockey mask as Jason, in the original horror classic, Friday, the 13th.

Dr. C. Ronald S. Williams, II


Williams founded the Mount Zion Fellowship in 1982, under the tutelage of his father, Dr. St. Clare Williams, his pastor, Dr. Sanford Mitchell, and other notable mighty men of God. A typical Sunday morning congregation at Mount Zion has over 1,000 persons in attendance. His direct and piercing approach to teaching and preaching of the Word of God is his trademark. He lives his life as a proven, steadfast citizen of the Kingdom of God. His integrity, compassion, and godly wisdom have earned him the attendance of local and national media.

Dr. Williams is a renowned and accomplished gospel music composer, arranger, musician, and musical director. His compositions are sung in several languages, throughout the world today. He is also the author of four books. His most recent publication, "Manifest" has received accolades throughout the country.


AKALM is honored to represent Dr. Williams' memoir.


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