Neil Erickson - Business Manager

Neil Erickson Neil Erickson

A native of Colorado, Neil found success in the business world while managing simultaneous degree studies in business and engineering.

Neil has held high-level positions at multi-million dollar revenue businesses in Colorado. He achieved multiple General Manager of the Year and top-level customer service awards. During this time he also received training and went on to train others in such high-level initiatives as Tom Hopkins, Friedman, and Blanchard Stars techniques. As the markets changed, Neil embraced independent consulting where he specialized in market analysis, business coaching and development, website design, retail strategies and sales and marketing techniques for companies of all sizes.


Now, Neil is known as the biz guy around the offices of AKALM. He is here for our authors as the voice of logic and reason and provides assistance with author portfolios, business plans, career development, market analysis, and all levels of branding and product marketing. He's also been known to provide great conversation over a mean cup of coffee.


I am honored to be included in an amazing industry that has great talent and opportunity.  - Neil Erickson



Terrie Wolf - Agent

Terrie Wolf, Agent

Terrie's goal is to utilize more than 25 years of the experience she has gained to further your literary career. Positions in publishing, international media, government, and education have bolstered the groundwork for a robust network of connections in print, television, and film.


Encouraged from a young age to seek, climb, discover and recover, this third-generation Colorado native developed an insatiable curiosity that led to positions within the international media and several award-winning writing and promotions teams at venues including CBS, NBC, Penguin UK and USA and Hobson's Press, now known as Cambridge University Press. Awards include the Queen's Service Award (UK), La Voz y Papel (Spain), Heartland Emmy, and Young Journalist of the Year (Colorado). Terrie read English Literature at Cambridge, studied Creative Writing at SUNY (University of New York), and Journalism at the University of Colorado at Denver. She is equally proud of the "Master of Mirth" status awarded by Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus.


See Wish List for updates.



Meatball - Director of Special Ops

Meatball DSOP Director of Special Ops

Our "Sweet Meat" acquired fame during a recent edition of the Twitter event #MSWL, founded by Jessica Sinsheimer and KK Hendin. In no uncertain terms, Miss Meat voiced her opinion and managed to acquire a moment of YouTube fame. Up to that time, we believed her talents to be more along the lines of printer watching and manuscript sitting.


Our girl is "feline" groovy about the world of publishing but wishes to convey that nearly everyone could benefit from the occasional cat nap. Yes, heaven knows Meatball has earned her title and can be found taking part in conference calls and revision meetings. She's also a team player who has learned to stand her ground regarding submissions acquisitions and the importance of reading time. Lest you think she sees it all as a game of cat and mouse, know that our Meatball takes her role "purr-fectly" seriously and this is no dog's life for a kitty who lives behind the scenes at AKALM.



Sadie - Wellness Manager

Although new to the world of publishing, Sadie has become an integral and valued member of #TeamAKA, and Meatball has made our 120-lb princess feel right at home.


This one has shown us there is more to sitting in front of our monitors all day, and she's been crafty to change our lives for the better. In her time with us, Sadie has implemented a regimented exercise program (aka "walkies"), regulated meal schedule (aka "treats") and a healthy dose of calisthenics (aka "play time") that most personal trainers would applaud. 


This Great Pyrenees is patient and listens intently to every submission letter we read out loud. Maybe it's her rescue dog background, but our Sadie makes no bones about her obvious interest in mystery, memoir, and romance. We could be mistaken, but we're fairly certain it's the well-presented, relational, happily-ever-after that makes her tail wag. 



Our Readers

The submission process is daunting, at best. We believe every work submitted deserves the courtesy of a real read, and while that takes time, we understand there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that we've honored you, the writer, and your diligence by matching it with our thirst for the next great read. We've garnered a team of professional readers who represent the best of the best. Each member of the team is well-versed. Plus, these folks have made it their goal to help other creatives along the way. They want to help you get published, they don't want to criticize, but to critique. So, forgive us if we take a little longer than the stated time to get back to you. It only means we may have fallen in love and are probably doing everything we can to clear our decks to help you on your way to the next step on your writing journey, which is the representation of your work by a group that cares about you and your creations.We crave your success as much as you do!


If you're interested in reading with us, and for us, please let us know. We are always in need of a few great minds.





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