Warning: use of this Hashtag is contagious and absolutely encouraged.
What began as an antidote to ward off some of the negativity within the writing and publishing industry has quickly spread as a daily pick-me-up of goodness. Get to know an amazing array of contributors associated with the "write" life who could be called the gospel choir of positive.


Common signs you should take part:
- you choose to walk on the sunny side of the street
- you dance with your happy feet, even when others are stepping on your toes
- your favorite fashion accessory is a smile
- you know it isn't just a blood type, but a way of life.


Sound like you, or do you realize how much you're lacking these attributes? We encourage you to encourage others, and to recharge your own level of #positive every day. Originally, we met between 3 - 4 p.m. your time, but we invite you to spread the sunshine, the joy, the good stuff in your life any time, all the time. Tweet your peace, RT what speaks to you. B+ - #BePositiveHour



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