Our Submissions window is OPEN!


Please carefully follow our submission instructions. You'll notice there are several categories from which you may choose to place your work. 


Once you hit the send button, you should almost immediately receive a confirmation of receipt from us. From there, here's what we suggest:

  • Treat yourself to a hearty jaunt that leads directly to your wall calendar
  • Find the date of your submission to us and plaster a shiny gold star on that space
  • Count forward eight weeks
  • Plant at least one more bright reminder atop that date


If you haven't heard from us within eight weeks, DO NOT PANIC. Nearly every literary agent's plate overflows with the three C's; that's Clients, Contracts, and Conferences. Mind you, these are a few of our favorite things, and it's safe to say we're nearly dancing at our desks when our calendars pile up with book releases, workshops, and other industry-related events. But, all of the excitement can affect our best-laid plans.


And, here's an insider secret: if you have submitted to agents (AKALM included) between September and November, or February and May, there is a good chance response will be running longer than the shortest response time stated. Please understand those are the times of year agents might be most active in the chatting up of editors and publishers about the works currently represented. As for us, we may run way past the dignified two-month wait time, depending upon current conditions. Remember those three C's. It's the busy-ness of the business, and we respect your decision to pull your submission if you cannot wait for individualized attention. 


If you've decided you can hang out with us, we thank you. Further, we encourage you to go ahead and place one more shiny sticker two weeks past that eight-week mark which takes you to the ten-week mark. Do it up nicely if you like, draw some swirls and curly cues around your star. Make it a big deal! Since you've been keeping tabs on us and interacting via social media, you'll have an idea of what we've been up to as of late. Have we been chatty about a particular author and their success, that anticipated book release, workshop, conference, or even an impending root canal? As much as we would like to hold fast to our promised schedule, we sometimes break the rules. You'll find literary agents (or at least the motley crew here at AKALM) are quite far from perfect. But at this agency, we believe in the beneficial relationship from the beginning. No robots, no snark. We're us, and we're honored. 


The point of all this is that we take your work and our treatment of such very seriously. We endeavor to read and respond to every submission we receive, and that process proves to be time-consuming. Mind you; we aren't complaining. We like the idea of personal attention, and we believe your work deserves its share of what has come to be known as a bit of specialized treatment. So, mark your calendar and hang on for the ride. Should that urge to forward your submission again, or via snail mail strike, you have our permission to beat it down by whatever means you feel most effective. Don't do it. Resubmissions confuse the system. 


Just by chance, if you wake up to that third shiny star and (gasp!) we haven't addressed your submission, we encourage you to rattle our cage, ever so gently. There are a variety of ways to get in touch. You'll find that information on the "Contact Us" page of this site. We welcome such interaction and enjoy getting to know you. However, a thought for the wise; kind words, and promises of virtual chocolate, kitty treats for Meatball, Milk Bones for Sadie, and an attitude of professionalism always help the process along. Yes, we know this is all virtual, but a virtually happy life must seep into our being. Somehow. Oh, and pu-leez. Refrain from actually sending anything! Treat yourself, not us! Heaven knows the only one in this office who's losing weight is Meatball. She's a 17-year-old cat who's always hungry. Forgive us for potentially too much information, but she's quite happy with a wonderful new food discovered by one of our interns. So, no goodies! If you want to bless someone, we would all prefer you dote on the pups at the local shelter or that neighbor next door who hasn't had the time to tidy the garden. Oh, reading to your favorite someone would work, as would providing meaningful comments about the last book you enjoyed on every platform available. Good karma, for sure!


Finally, please let us know soonest if the conditions change surrounding your work. If another agency offers representation, please let us know. If you've decided you want to rewrite your submission from the ground up, please let us know. If the lottery gods have smiled down on you or you've chosen to manage writing conferences in Hawaii, please let us know. We can help!

Until then, thank you. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.




AKA Literary Management Team

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