July 1, 2016: Until further notice, our submission portal is closed. Uninvited works face automatic rejection. Thank you for your interest, and best wishes to you.



Please  carefully follow the instructions of submission. You'll notice there are several categories from which you may choose to place your work. Try your best to choose the category that fits.


Once you hit the send button, you will almost automatically receive a confirmation of receipt from us. Here's what we suggest:

  • Treat yourself to a hearty walk that leads you directly to your wall calendar.
  • Find the date of your submission to us and plaster a shiny gold star on that space.
  • Count forward six weeks.
  • Plant at least one more shiny star in that space. 


If you haven't heard from us by that six-week date, do not panic. Truth is, we're getting through most categories in a fairly timely fashion. But remember, we have a few other items on our proverbial agency plate. Our clients come first and outside events like conferences, workshops, and book events can affect our best laid plans. Thus, we humbly request that should you get to the six-week mark without word from us you simply, cordially, and kindly cut us a bit of slack.


Go ahead, if you would, and place one more shiny star after that six-week mark, which is the eight-week mark. Do it up nicely if you like, draw some extra swirls and curly cues around your star. Make it a big deal! And, if you've been keeping tabs on us via social media and we've made mention of that release, workshop, conference, or impending root canal it might do you well to realize that as much as we would like to hold fast to our pseudo-promised schedule, we sometimes break the rules.


The point of all this is that we take your work and our treatment of such very seriously. We endeavor to read and respond to every submission we receive and that process takes t-i-m-e. We like being treated like more than a number and we believe you deserve the same treatment. So, mark your calendar and hang on for the ride. 


Just by chance, if you wake up to that third shiny star and (gasp!) we haven't addressed your submission, we encourage you to rattle our cage, gently. There are a variety of ways to contact us listed, oddly enough, on the "Contact Us" page of this site. We welcome such interaction and enjoy getting to know you. We don't enjoy being yelled at, and would kindly remind you that virtual chocolate (and kitty treats for Meatball) always bring a smile. 


Thank you, best wishes to you always.


AKA Literary Management Team

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